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LED (Light Emitting Diode) grow lights

If you are an indoor grower, LED grow lights should be your first and most important choice. There’s no doubt that as an indoor grower, you’re going to need grow lights. If you want to grow indoor vegetables or other crops then you must consider LED grow lights because they provide the light that is exact need for your crop to boost up and yield flowers. But you can also use LED grow lights for Greenhouses and outdoor grows for supplemental lighting.

LED grow light is important for the framer/household they grow vegetables or other crops in indoors. Because it is not only a light, it will also aid in photosynthesis and help the plants to grow without or with little sunlight.

Compared to other ordinary lights they do not use gas inside the blub but a small diode of light. LED lights are more durable than HID bulbs or standard incandescent bulbs because they have no filament and have fewer chances of burning out.

These are the reasons the popularity of Light emitted diode (LED) lights has increased among growers in the last few years. In spite, of all these some indoor growers may not have good experience with the LED grow lights, behind this is a reason and that is when the LED lights new arrived in the market they were not so efficient. Most of them were dim and did not provide a sufficient amount of light for the crop needed to grow. That is why the early adopters have had a bad experience with LED lights. But the LED grow lights that are now available in the market are better optimized than the old ones. So now the LED grow lights are considered the best light for growing indoors.

Advantage of LED grow Lights

There are bundle of reasons on behalf of them we can say that LED lights are better for your indoor grow than HID and other lights. Yes, bundle of reasons but we’ll describe some of the most solid reasons here.


When it comes to life span there is really no competition for LED grow lights. Lifetime of an LED grow light is about 50,000 hours as opposed to HID which usually lasts for 12,000 to 18,000 hours normally.


LED grow lights are more efficient than any HID lights because they produce less heat compared to any other ordinary lights. They also provide good light intensity and effectively distribute light. They also consume less power and cause lower utility costs.


LEDs run cooler than HID and other ordinary bulbs which reduces the risk of hot damage. Grow room temperature should be moderate otherwise it may harm the crop or even cause fire hazards in small spaces.


This is another benefit of LEDs if you are growing in a small area because they fit in a smaller area and generate less heat which means fewer chances of heat burn. But it is still recommended not to grow too close to the light bulb, it can put your crop at risk of light burn.

Light output

LEDs, unlike HID, produce light in a variety of colors that are ideal for the growth of the crop. The plants naturally receive different colors of light from the sun and different colors have different effects on the growth of crops. Like sunlight, LED light has a full spectrum of grow light and optimized spectrums of light are ideal for each stage of plant growth. The wavelength or spectrum of light results in higher yields and better growth of plants as they can easily use this light for photosynthesis.

Which LED grow lights are useful for you and which are the top LED grow lights of 2022?

Well, it is difficult to say that which LED grow light you should use, it depends on your grow room or tent size.


Here are the recommended sizes for your grow area:

Grow Area/Room Size

Watts Needed

For 1 by 1 / (1 × 1)


For 2 by 2 / (2 × 2)


For 2 by 4 / (2 × 4)


For 3 by 3 / (3 × 3)


For 4 by 4 / (4 × 4)


For 4 by 8 / (4 × 8)


For 5 by 5 / (5 × 5)


For 5 by 10 / (5 × 10)


For 10 by 10 / (10 × 10)



1000W LED grow lights

Different 1000 W LED grow lights are available in the market but we’ll discuss some best LED grow lights of 2022.

1000w Canopy light

Canopy 1000 watt grow light is the most suitable, low cost, low energy consuming, broad spectrum, wide light distributing and crop friendly light.

Why Canopy light?

  • Energy saving – consumes 37% less energy compared to the HID lights.
  • Compatible with 0 – 10 volt building automation system.
  • Higher yields and better growth on edge area.
  • Best substitute of HPS and HID lights.
  • More than 50% higher PPFD than HID lamps.
  • More crop friendly and energy saver up to 20% as compared to 1000W HPS fixture.





Specifications of 1000W Canopy light


Model: Canopy 1000w LED grow light

Chip brand: Samsung, OSRAM, Epileds, Epistar

Spectrum: Indoor green house lighting full spectrum

PPF: 2500 – 3100µmol/s

PPE: 2.5 – 3.3µmol/j @ 220V AC

DB: 0dB

Lamp power: 1000W (±5%) @ 220V AC

Beam angle: 90 × 1200 butterfly shape.

Input voltage: 200-277VAC, 50/60HZ/ 380 – 480 V customizable

Height of installation: 60 – 180 CM

Driver Brand: Meanwell, Inventronics, Sosen etc.

Heat dissipation: Passive heat dissipation

Maximum body temperature: 700C/1600C

Way of dimming: 0 – 10V/RS485

Power coefficient (THD) : <10%

Life time: LM80> 50000H

IP rating: IP65 available in humid environment/Indoor

Application: Seed Starting, BLOOM, VEG and other.

Certificate: UL, DLC, ETL, FCC, ROHS, CE etc.

1000W fold-able LED grow light

Why 1000w fold able LED grow light?

  • Fully foldable
  • Easy installation
  • Plug and play
  • Tool free assemble, no need of re-wiring
  • More than 50% higher than HID lamps
  • 37% less power consumption than HID lamps
  • Isolated driver, UL certified quality and guaranteed safety
  • Excellent heat dissipation with lower lighting decay
  • Daisy chain control, up to 100 units
  • Full spectrum with original high efficiency diodes.


Product Specification

Model: Fold-able 1000W LED grow light

AC Input Power: 1000W @ 277VAC

Input voltage: AC 110 – 277V

Chip brand:  Samsung, OSRAM, Philips

Driver Brand: Meanwell, Inventronics, Sosen etc.

PPE: 2.9µmol/j @ 220V AC

DB: 0dB

Application: Seed Starting, BLOOM, VEG and other.

Dimmable: 20 – 40 – 60 – 80 – 100% OFF knob dimmer & 0 – 10V cascade dimming

Certificate: UL, DLC, ETL, FCC, ROHS, CE etc.

Ingress protection: IP65

Operating temperature: 14 – 1040F (-10 – 400 C)

Life Span: >50000 hrs.